VirtualBox upgrade on macOS

Upgrading VirtualBox on macOS disabled to run VM. This was because of security setting of macOS. The following steps perhaps worked:

  1. Reboot macOS
  2. System Preferences -> Security & Privacy
  3. Unlock and pushing some button around "Allow apps downloaded from:" and macOS is automatically rebooted.

Then it started to work.

Resize windows in emacs

Currently I'm using emacs in terminal. Resizing windows by mouse pointers is impossible. I need to learn the keybindings. What is most important is to resize windows evenly, which is C-x + as found below:

How to change size of split screen emacs windows? - Stack Overflow

Convert matplotlib imshow, contourf, and pcolormesh images to an image format

Saving a plot by matplotlib imshow, contourf, or pcolormesh to a pdf file via savefig. It can be opened by Illustrator to handle it as a vector illustration. To use the illustration in a manuscript made by latex, it is exported in an image format. To do this, I needed some trials-and-errors. Finally I got the following setting in a satisfactory quality:

  • Jpeg
  • Resolution: High (300 ppi)
  • Anti-aliasing: Art Optimized (Supersampling)
  • Quality: 10 (highest)

Using mspyls instead of pyls

On my computers, emacs often crashes with pyls. So now I'm trying mspyls. It seems python-language-server needs to be uninstalled.

% pip uninstall python-language-server

To let mspyls recognize a specific conda-env, python executable information is written in .dir-locals.el as

((python-mode . ((lsp-python-ms-python-executable . "~/miniconda/envs/myenv/bin/python"))))

This file is put in the repository root of the developing code.