As a code editor, VSCode collected majority of users. Although I has been a long-time emacs user, I felt necessary to learn VSCode, considering I may have to teach scientific software development. Emacs is simply good for me, but I tried VSCode seriously. Being patient to keep using it for a few days, I started to feel comfortable after learning essential keybinding.

Currently, I use VSCode for writing codes in Fortran and Python. It is not very easy setting configuration parameters for Fortran properly. Youtube videos of Fortran plugins were quite helpful. But I also needed my colleague's help to configure the more details. Lately, I realized what made it difficult was the concept of 'workspace'; to open 'folder' instead of 'file' is necessary to enable tag jumps. Most python environment works out of the box, and the default configuration is almost perfect. I needed a few parameter modifications such as working with conda environment and the linting. I also prefer the behaviour of "files.trimTrailingWhitespace": true. Ruler for checking 88 characters for python black is also useful:

    "[python]": {
        "editor.rulers": [

VSCode is more comfortable with a larger display. On the 13 inch Macbook display, I feel it is tighter compared with emacs. Maybe I will feel better on this after using more the VSCode. For the visualization of the code, currently I use One Dark Pro theme to be similar to atom-one-dark that I used in emacs.

Setting -> Word Wrap can change the behaviour of wrapping in text lines.

visual studio code - How do I get a cursor on every line in vscode - Stack Overflow (opt + shift + i, fn + left)

VSCode plugins

Background color

To make editor background color the same as sidebar background color,

  "workbench.colorCustomizations": {
    "editor.background": "#262626",
    "terminal.background": "#262626",
    "editor.selectionBackground": "#135564",
    "sideBar.background": "#262626",
    "terminal.selectionBackground": "#135564",
    "tab.activeBackground": "#000000"

Open remote file from command line

From visual studio code - VSCode - open remote from cli - Stack Overflow

code -n --remote ssh-remote+remotehost /home/username/somedirectory

^[ as Esc in terminal

keybindings.json (Code -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> (Top right icon) Open Keyboard Shortcuts (JSON))

    "key": "ctrl+[",
    "command": "<Esc>",
    "when": "terminalFocus"


"editor.fontFamily": "'Ricty Diminished'